How can we help?

 Grow your business widely, build your profile within the industry and raise your services.

Build your Industry exposure 

  • One to one support and advice on business
  • Regular contact with specialists to help you develop your business and contacts

Raise your profile within the industry 

  • Pro-active promotion to consumers and clients 
  • Get up to date information on markets, industry specific issues and all aspects of business development at seminars/meetings

Access and Contribute to professional industry-specific business advice 

  • Educate and inform the Textile Analysis and Development community on industry standards
  • Promote the creative application of textiles through ITF Website, educational seminars and trade advertising. 

Access to Unrivalled technical information and expertise 

  • Stay informed on industry issues through reports from the educational, environmental and technical committees.
  • Participate in industry benchmarking surveys.
  • Receive legislative initiative updates.
  • Guidance in Regulatory Compliance
  • Raise issues of common concern to the industry and participate in resolving them.

 Championing you and our industry in the media and in political circles 

  • ITF sends out news to the media and has regularly featured on media and industry publications.
  • ITF is actively providing support in campaigning for Trade Agreements at national and international levels