Indian Texpreneurs Federation


Indian Texpreneurs Federation

Indian Texpreneurs Federation (ITF) is founded by like-minded textile entrepreneurs with a combined annual turnover of over Rs.40,000 Cr. ITF is a India’s fastest growing textile entrepreneurs association representing the entire textile manufacturing value chain from Tamilnadu.. ITF aspires to establish the Indian Textile Industry into the Global arena and gain world class status that it so rightly deserves. Towards this endeavor, it has set its keen focus on Manufacturing excellence & Product Innovation. ITF is a strong Federation with 520 Textile Enterpreneurs and 417 Member company is engaged in enhancing the Brand equity of the Indian Textile Industry. This endeavor will help to establish the preeminence of the Industry’s position in the overall economy and also help in attracting the attention of the Society, Govt and new potential talent. ITF shall also serve as a platform and storehouse for the Industry’s tested and proven Best Practices and encourage replication and horizontal deployment of such practices for the overall betterment of the Industry. In addition, ITF would be involved in exploring newer business avenues, sharing the market intelligence status and also making foray into untapped realms and opportunities.

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Being a member of ITF TEAM, you would enjoy great service collectively with Unbelievable contribution of the Association by way of multifarious activities.

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